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I ran after work today and I made sure it was nice and comfortable.
I spent the time thinking about my plans for our two day run at the weekend. It’s the only time of the year that I do a back to back run.
I know for a lot of people it’s an important part of their training but I’ve found it hard to fit in and I’ve felt that I needed to recover after a longer run.
So once a year is fine for me and I’ve found that the key day is the second day. Setting off from Bridge of Orchy, having run 41miles the previous day, with heavy legs is just what it’s like in the race.
Marc Casey is going to join Ross and I for the first day. I don’t know Marc too well but we did run the first 20miles or so of last year’s whw race before Marc pushed on and finished under 20hrs.
We chatted for a bit but for most of the time Marc was singing away to himself as he listened to his music!
I was interested to look at my blog hits around the Fling …

The peak in the middle is the Fling weekend and it looks like I’ve gained a few new readers! So welcome whoever you are.
Congratulations to Jez Bragg who just two weeks after the Fling won the 60mile Fellsman race in a new course record 10hrs 4mins. Jez looks in great shape for the Western States 100 and UTMB in the summer.
5.28miles in 41mins 20secs (7.50pace)
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One Response to Blog Hits

  1. NORRY says:

    Hi John,

    I may see you on route on saturday as i am heading to BoO and heading back down the way on sunday if i dont have a good weekend…


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