New Road Shoes

After realising my trail shoes were badly worn I had a good look at my road shoes and realised that they needed replacing as well. They too have worn away on the outside and as I don’t walk much in these it must be my running style.

I went for a more budget pair and SportsSoccer had a reduction on Asics Galaxy so I went for those. I’ve set up a tag in my runningahead log so I can see exactly how many miles I run in them.

It will be interesting to see how many miles it takes before they start to wear in the same places as the last pair.

My last easy run before the weekend. Initially when I set out my plan I was going to do 5miles tomorrow as well but I reckon the only reason I did that was that it would make the total for the week over 100.

But I’ve decided an extra rest day is more important than topping 100miles. 95 is fine for my highest week of the year. I’ll top 100 in the week of the whw!

So a couple of days with no running before the weekend.
I’d like to wish all those doing the Cateran Trail on Saturday a really good run. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and just make sure you leave some energy for the final hills over the last 5 miles.
6.13miles in 46mins 46secs (7.38pace)
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3 Responses to New Road Shoes

  1. Can I recommend the New Balance 101 trail shoe, awesome and only £40 the best trail shoe going!

  2. sourcer says:

    Hey John,

    I have read your diary about the WHW race and I have really enjoyed it! It must have been a great experience.
    I am a hobby runner.. only done it for fun, my best is 50k in 7:15. I want to get back to running again and take it seriously, maybe some race’s too.. As more I read about the WHW the more im willing to try myself on it in the future.
    Could you give me an advice what type to shoe to buy? I mostly go on dirt road and concrete (60/50%).

    Thanks and keep the good work up!


    Les from Hungary,

  3. Robert says:

    Well done on completing your two day epic training weekend. I was lucky to complete my weekend long run just before the rain arrived on Saturday…

    Which I was out running one of topics I mulled over was the wear pattern on my Roclite 315's. They now have over 700 miles on them, quite a bit of it is on road and hard trails. I, like yourself, believe I mostly have a mid-foot strike yet still the lugs on my heel are the most worn down and some are pretty near worn away completely. Does this mean I'm heel striker?

    I believe wear will mostly occur where you scuffing the surface on landing, so having a the wear pattern on my shoe would suggest I scuff the surface when I heel stike. Walking certainly does this, but I don't think I walk enough in my Roclite's to explain the degree of wear. When I run on the level I believe I am landing on my mid-foot with my foot moving backwards to meet the ground without scuffing, so I don't think the answer is here either.

    Then when descending down a quite technical steep narrow trail on Saturday it occurred to me it could my landings had a great degree of variation. Some landings I'd be on my forefoot, others on my mid-foot and others on my heel. I was also aware that my foot was still moving
    forwards on landing on quite a few of the
    landings, so prime candidates for scuffing.

    So… my guess is that it could be descent down hard trails or road where you are landing on your heel more often and with the foot still moving forward and scuffing the stones or road.

    If this is the case then the cure would be to work more on avoiding overstridding when descending, as it's overreaching with the foot past the knee that makes it difficult to match the speed of the foot with the ground.

    On a different note, I'd like to add I've just bought a pair of New Balance 101's trail shoes, and for my first run took out for a tempo run last week. They are incrediably light – 200g per shoe vs 300g for my Roclite 315's (size 7).

    Fit it pretty good even with my wider than usual feet. Toe box is smaller than my Rocklite's, and on descents I'm aware of my big toe pushing against the end of the shoe, so not so good here.

    Finally in my tempo run I did a small amount of technical trail where I was having to put reasonable lateral loads on the shoes to track the weaving trail. Here they were absymal, with the tread gripping well but my heel just slipped within the shoe causing my foot to twist significantly straining the ligaments on my ankle. The culprit is the complete lack of lateral heel support, so any contouring or sharp turns leads to signicant twisting of the foot. I did have the laces tied up tightly so there is nothing more I could have down to mitigate this.

    As a trail shoe goes it doesn't come close to my Roclite 315. I can only assume that Rick hasn't run on any really technical trails, or hasn't worn a decent trail shoes yet!

    I'm now left trying to work how to devise my own heel counter so I can continue to use the 101's. Untill I can do this I'm back in my trusty 315's.

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