Recovery Run

I was going to wait until tomorrow before having an easy recovery run but I’ve a really busy day at work and we are out in the evening so I would have had to get up before work to run.

So as my legs felt okay I decided to run tonight after work. I was amazed how good my legs were. No soreness or aches. I felt sluggish and didn’t push the pace at all but to be able to run a couple of days after finishing 76miles is very encouraging.
I made sure my sleeve was over my watch so I couldn’t see it and I just made sure I ran without getting out of breath. I was quite happy to see at the end that I’d ran at 8.07pace.
Congratulations to all those who ran the Cateran Trail Marathon on Saturday. Mark Caldwell sent me a text saying he finished 2nd in 8hrs 50mins 57secs. Very impressive. Mark ran 42miles with Ross and I in early April and I knew he was going well.
I was also very pleased to get a text from a delighted Caroline Gibson who finished in 13hrs 40mins 14secs with Karen Robertson and Ellen McVey. Caroline is now going to do the whw race.
Also congratulations to Silke Loehndorf who ran a pb in the Edinburgh Marathon – 3hrs 55mins 33secs. Excellent.
I’m know there are lots of others who ran over the weekend so congrats to you all!
6.53miles in 52mins 55secs (8.07pace)
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