Ben Lui

Today Katrina, Neal & Caroline and I went for a day out to walk Ben Lui.

Here is our route …
We had a really good day. It rained for 30mins or so on the walk in but for most of the day it was fine. The clouds even lifted on the top so we got to see some great views.
We parked at Dalrigh near Auchtertyre and it’s a 4mile walk to the base of the mountain.
Ben Lui. We followed the river up and then veered left to join the ridge at the V to the left of the top.

We stopped for lunch with about 1,500ft to go.

The four of us at the top. Photo taken by a couple we saw at the top who had come up from the other side. The only people we saw all day.

On the way down we inspected the plane wreckage. Caroline googled it when we got down and found out it was an RAF plane that crashed in bad weather in 1941 with the loss of four lives.
Once down we headed to the Real Food cafe for some tea before heading home.
A good day out.
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2 Responses to Ben Lui

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhhh, Ben Lui. I've got a soft spot for that particular hill ~ my final Munro 🙂


  2. Debs M-C says:

    I was laughing at your lunch spot picture. Had everyone fallen out 😉

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