whw entries

I ran before work this morning as I knew I didn’t have time at lunchtime or after work today. It took me a mile or two to get going but felt fine overall.

The whw entry list with race numbers has now been posted on the whw forum. I’ve been allocated number 53. We were asked if we wanted to request a certain number but I wasn’t too bothered so didn’t.

I’ve merged the entry list with my list of previous list of times and here is the result ….

whw 2011 entries with previous times

Here is a snap shot of the top runners based on previous races ….

It looks like it will be a very competitive race in both the men’s and women’s.

The top three men Jan-Albert Lantink, Richie Cunningham and Mark Godale are separated by just over 30mins. Plus there may be other runners capable of mixing it with them.

In the women’s race it looks equally interesting with Jamie Aarons and Sharon Law’s pb’s only separated by a minute with Debs Martin-Consani also capable of running sub 20hrs.

I might have a bit more chance to seeing the women’s race unfold whereas the only time I’ll see the leading men is before the start!

The other interesting comparison is how the entry breaks down as to whw races run before.

Here is a snap shot of those with the most finishes …

Again according to my reckoning (if you see any errors please let me know!) …

Out of the 172 published starters ….

29 people have finished 3 or more whw races
49 people have finished 1 or 2 races

which means that 94 runners are virgin runners.

I’m not sure how many of those have started in the past but not finished yet.

So there is a good mix of those who have done the race before and those who are still to discover the joy of reaching Fort William.

There are 25 women and 147 men entered.

I don’t know the mix of ages but I’m sure there is a good range as well.

Every one of the 172 has their own story to tell and has prepared as best they can. All we can do now is wait and run our best on the day!

Thurs 2nd June Run Details
6.13miles in 48mins 35secs (7.56pace)

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2 Responses to whw entries

  1. Peter Duggan says:

    Think my prediction of 30 finishers going sub-20 is probably away now with the field slimming down so much (and some of my top tips withdrawing) since I made it. But still won't surprised if we have to run sub-20 to maintain top-20 placings this year when 22:15:50 and 20:49:32 previously brought me 20th and 19th!

  2. Johann says:

    I always find stats like these very interesting. I often look at them and then, after the race, none of it makes any sense. But next year I look at it again before the race and it all makes sense.

    Hope your preparation is going well. All the best!

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