Dechmont Law 10K Trail Race

Today Katrina & I ran the Dechmont Law 10k Trail Race in Livingston. We ran this race last year together in 54mins 01secs. It is slightly short of 10k but there are plenty of hills.
Here is the route and profile …
We arrived abut 10am in time for the 11am start. We caught up with Ian and Sandra, John Malcolm and Alan Robertson.
The weather was really good with the sun shining but not too hot. Last year we ran in the rain so this was an improvement.
I knew we’d run quicker this year as Katrina is going really well at the moment despite a sore knee which seems to hurt before and after a run but is generally okay during the run.
Sandra, who was not running, kindly took some photos of us …
Before the race ….

There were 180 or so running and we set off up the first hill half way down the pack. We quickly settled into our run and enjoyed the first loop of 3k or so. It’s a great route through lots of trees.
Here we are running down past the start/finish area after 10mins or so ….

I’ve not run a race with Katrina since this race last year and I must say I was really impressed with the way she paces herself. Last year we averaged 9.17mins per mile … this year we were under 8mins per mile until the 5th mile when we slipped back a bit to finish at 8.11pace.
Here we are on the second long climb. Katrina’s not smiling quite so much in this one!!
For the first 6k we caught quite a few runners but from 7-8k we held our position with just one person going past us.
Here we are at the end with me milking the applause!! …

Photo at the end …

We finished in 97th and 98th positions in a time of 47mins 34secs. My garmin had the distance 5.82miles (the same as last year). Mags said afterwards that they have thought of adding the extra distance on but as this is the 10th running of the race it’s good for people for people to be able to compare their times.
It is such a well organised race. Mags Turnbull (whw runner) is the organiser and does an excellent job as do all the marshals and officials.
Plus the goody bag must be one of the best … and all for £6 ….

I was saying to Ian that I’m really pleased with my Saucony Peregrine Trail shoes so was a bit surprised when I got home and noticed that there is a split on the outside of both shoes ….

I bought them on 1st May after the Fling so I could run them in on my 2 day run. I’m going to take them back to Run 4 it tomorrow and see what they say. I don’t really want another pair as I have a feeling the same thing may well happen again.
So I’m left with the prospect of buying a new pair of trail shoes with just one 5mile run to try them out before the whw race! Ah well … I try and prepare as best I can but sometimes we are set new challenges!
At least I didn’t discover the holes on Friday night when I put them on!!
5.82miles in 47mins 34secs (8.11pace)
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6 Responses to Dechmont Law 10K Trail Race

  1. Anonymous says:

    An improvement from 54 mins to 47 mins in just one year is brilliant. That's about 13% off, I reckon. Target of sub 42 mins for next year…….. (I'm not clever enough to work out the exact %age, or to the nearest second. Over to you, John?)

    And an interesting hole on your shoe. I had a hole develop in exactly the same spot on a newish welly boot. The retailer had closed down and the site redeveloped, so I got in touch with the manufacturer.(Town & Country wellies).They asked for some pix, so I sent a few, incl one with my finger sticking through the hole, just like above. No further questions asked, they sent me a new pair within a couple of days. I think it was a fault in the seam in the manufacturing process. The problem with your shoe looks just the same, and I reckon they should be replaced without question.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I know it's not ideal but a friend of mine works for run4it and if you take them back and show them the two splits they'll repace with the same or a different shoe if you would like.

    Ryan Mckenzie

  3. Thanks Ryan …. I'll take them in tomorrow.

  4. Liz says:

    Old Running Fox directed me to your blog, as I ran this race yesterday too! It was my first time, and I loved it – as you say, very well-organised and friendly. My report is also on my blog – I was a little way behind you in 134th place, but I found the hills tough. Would love to do it again.

  5. Waereghem says:


    I wondered if you got a refund for your shoes? The same thing happened to me after just 250km! So I'm wondering what to do…



  6. Hi Bastien

    Sorry to hear you had some problems with your shoes as well. I bought them at Run4it in Glasgow and they replaced them. In fact I got a refund and bought a different pair.

    Hope you had get a refund too.


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