First post whw race run

In some years I’ve been running again just a few days after the whw race but this wasn’t some years.

I really felt I needed at least 10 days off and last week I didn’t even want to think about running. From Monday onwards I was looking forward to getting going again but I’m glad I kept to the 10days.
I ran at lunch time with a colleague Ivonne. She was keen to do a steady easy pace which was great for me.
We did a 6mile loop from Bellahouston Park through Pollok Park and back. I have decided for a while to not worry about pace and time and just have my watch set to distance.
So here is what my garmin is set to …

We’ll see how it goes but I’m keen to get more of a feel to my running and not worry too much about pace for a while.
I also went back to Run-4-it and bought another pair of trail shoes. They had a good deal whereby you get £20 off a second pair if you buy them within 30days of the first purchase.
I went for a pair of Inov-8 Terroc ….

I’m planning to use these for the Devil o’ the Highlands Race.
One of things I’ve decided to do is to change my training a bit. So I’m going to do some cross training rather than running every day. Glasgow council is running a ‘cycle to work’ scheme which means I can buy a new bike 40-50% off.
I’m looking at getting a decent road bike either a Trek or Giant. My friend Grant is going to have a look with me tomorrow and give me some advice. So I’m planning to do some more cycling.
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3 Responses to First post whw race run

  1. GaryB says:

    I'm on the bike and have to admit I'm really enjoying it. Ever thought a MTB with a second set of wheels set up for the road might be a option? Gives you best of both worlds, you can get out on some trails when the road gets a bit boring.

  2. Weirrunner says:

    I'm no expert on bikes, but agree with Gary, my mountain bike is light enough for on the roads and has the additional benefit of being great fun off it.. Up on the the braes maybe? (Davie M suggested pumping tyres up really hard for on roads and making them soft for off road and it works a treat!)Also MTB is much better in the winter or even just normal wet summer days for grip etc!
    Of course if you are thinking triathlons…… maybe good road bike is best after all…..

  3. David Egan says:

    After still failing to run without pain in my foot, over a month after pulling out of my 100, I have gone full on into road biking. I have to agree with the other comments about a mountain bike… but because I already have one I got a road bike…. and if you like the feeling of speed then you need to get a road bike. They feel so fast after being used to a running pace. I thought I was breaking a land speed record before I was reolised I was only doing 20 miles per hour.

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