A training run to suit us both

Now that it is official that Katrina is training for a marathon it will make more sense the runs we’ve had together over the last few weeks. When Katrina agreed to run the marathon in Loch Ness I promised that I’d run with her for her long training runs.

I also volunteered to run the actual marathon but Debs, very rightly, pointed out that it wouldn’t make such a good story …. and then I realised it was the next weekend after the River Ayr Way Race anyway so I probably wouldn’t be able to keep up!
Katrina had already ready entered the Glasgow Half Marathon on Sunday 4th September so we’ve tried to work out a training plan around that. I didn’t think it would be a good idea for Katrina to do her longest run (20-22miles) in the four weeks between Glasgow and Loch Ness.
So over the next 6 weeks Katrina is aiming to run an 18mile and a 20-22mile training run. Then two weeks after Glasgow a 15mile run before tapering down for two weeks.
Today we planned the 18mile run but I didn’t really fancy doing it on the road just two weeks before my Devils race so I suggested to Katrina that we run out and back from Milngavie as that would suit us both!
We left home about 8.45am and started running at 9.37am.
Here is Katrina at the start ….
It is a fairly flat 9miles out or so I thought until I looked at the profile when I got home!

It was a glorious morning and there were loads of walkers out on the route including a good number who were doing a sponsored walk for epilepsy all dressed in purple. As we were going out and back we saw them all twice!
We settled into a nice steady pace for the first few miles and basically kept it going. Katrina was really enjoying the route. She’s only done this bit once before and that was in the dark during our night training run before the whw.
I love this bit as you run past Dumgoyne…..

We continued to pass lots of walkers including a New Zealand girl who was impressed that we were running. I resisted telling her I’ve run the whole route but only because I was with Katrina and I know she would have given me grief afterwards!!
We ran past Beech Tree still running nice and steady. I’m impressed with Katrina’s pace and she is getting stronger on each long run.
We turned when the path hit the road at 9.28miles in 1hr 26mins 52secs ……

We decided to walk for a few minutes to eat an energy bar and drink some water before running again.
We soon got back into our rhythm and clocked off the miles on the way back. I don’t normally like out and back runs but I don’t often run south so it felt like a completely different run.
Katrina still going strong on the way back …
Just after the picture below we had the long drag back up …
I’d forgotten how much of a hill it is and we walked up most of it so that mile took us almost 14mins. I said to Katrina that she needs to imagine it’s the last 4miles of her marathon and find something to run as strongly as she can.
She responded and I was really impressed that we ran the last 4miles at around 9.15pace. It was really hot on the way back mainly because we were running into the sun with any wind there was on our backs.
I refilled our water at Carbeth Cottages and I was glad I did.
With less than a mile to go I asked a walker could she take a photo of us ….
It was good to run the last mile and arrive at the finish in 3hrs 01mins 05secs.
We went into Tesco to get changed have a drink and a plate of chips!

So a great day out and a run which helped Katrina in her build up to the Loch Ness Marathon and helped me with the Devils race two weeks away.
I’m off work for the next two weeks. We are visiting Katrina’s parents in South Wales from Wednesday and then going to Liverpool to see my Mum next Saturday. Emma and Hollie are coming with us so no doubt there will be lots of Ghana/Indonesia chat.
Right I’m off to watch the end of the Tour de France Time Trial. I’d like to see Andy Shleck hold on to yellow.
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2 Responses to A training run to suit us both

  1. Santababy says:

    fantastic, so impressed with Katrina, go girl!

  2. Julie says:

    Is this the new competition between yourself and Ian – training your respective other/better halves….?

    Congratulations to Katrina

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