Ready for the Devils

I’m still off work for the rest of this week so it was good to be able to go out for a run this morning.
I did three laps of Brodie Park running nice and comfortably. I feel as ready for the Devils race on Saturday as I can but I’m not really sure how I’ll run. Out of all the ultra races I’ve done over the last five years I feel the most under prepared for this one.
I’m also still committed to running without any watch. In fact I’m going to leave my garmin at home so I’m not tempted to make a last minute decision!!
I’ve asked Hollie to use my stop watch and write down my times as I go through each checkpoint as I’d like to have a look at them afterwards.
I was looking at my 2009 splits today. Here they are ….

I wonder if I’ll be any where near these times this year? It will be interesting to see.
I’ve also asked Hollie to send some updates along the way using my twitter account (which will also update my facebook and this blog) so if you want to follow my progress on Saturday you can. In fact you will probably know my split times before I do!!
My voucher for my new bike with the cyclescheme arrived the other day and my bike is now ready so this afternoon I’m off to pick it up. Expect some photos on facebook this afternoon!!
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6 Responses to Ready for the Devils

  1. Debs M-C says:

    So if your running with me, I'm not allowed to tell you the time? 🙂

  2. Johann says:

    Haha, have to smile at Debs's comment! He's also not allowed to ask you I suppose.

  3. Dave Morrow says:

    Thanks for the mile splits for the checkpoints – that is very useful. Best of luck for the race – if I see you I'll holler a hello 🙂

  4. Robert says:

    I love the new banner, it's brings a cheer everytime I've come to check up on your blog over the last week. This attitude would be great to carry on into your Devil experience.

    As a challenge for the event, hows about your support crew trying to capture the most uplifting picture of you and fellow runners they can, so your banner picture post Devil can be equally cheerful 😉

    Good luck to yourself and all the rest of runners and crew on Saturday.

  5. Grellan says:

    Enjoy Saturday John. I predict a time of 7:20:49.

  6. Grellan says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

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