Unofficial ‘Triple Crown’

The ‘Triple Crown’ is the unofficial name given to the total time of the three races on the West Highland Way route completed in one year.
Someone started a ‘Triple Crown’ web site a couple of years ago but it wasn’t updated last year.
The Triple Crown has been going since 2007 though in that year it was a lot harder as the Devils race was 5 weeks after the Fling and 2 weeks before the whw.
Since 2008 it has been a bit easier in that there are 7-8 weeks between the Fling and whw and the same between the whw and the devils.
So according my reckoning 19 people ran all three races this year. If you can see any mistakes please let me know.

Congratulations to Thomas and Debs for their three superb runs, with 5 pb’s between them.
I know I probably shouldn’t compare my 2 Triple Crowns 2009 & 2011 as it doesn’t make very good reading but here it is …

That’s almost 10hrs slower over the 3 races. Not good.
But at least I’m 8th on the all time list of the 47 people who have completed the ‘Triple Crown.’

If you’d like to see the full spreadsheet then please have a look but remember it is unofficial and there may be mistakes!
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2 Responses to Unofficial ‘Triple Crown’

  1. NORRY says:

    hi john,

    i was wondering if the tripple crown would get updated, i would make 20 this year.
    fling 11hrs 31min
    whw 29hrs 23mins
    devils 7hrs 37mins

    be great if you could tally me in,
    Cheers Norry

  2. Silke says:

    Thomas has won (the Triple Crown)! Yeah! 🙂 And look at Debbie. 3rd overall and only 2 (corrected 3) girls finished all 3 WHW races. Well done!
    MtM wondered if Thomas might have set a new MV40 record? Would you have any details on a spreadsheet maybe? We might as well milk this one! 🙂

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