First proper cycle ride

Don’t worry … I’m not going to blog every cycle ride I do but I thought my first proper ride deserved an entry!

One of my colleagues from work asked me did I fancy going for a ride. Alix and her husband Jamie are keen cyclists so I was looking forward to having a ride with Alix.
Here we are setting off ….
Alix certainly wouldn’t lose sight of me in that top!!
Here is the route we took ….
The first few miles were on quite busy roads but once we turned off towards Bishopton we could ride side by side and have a good chat as we rode.
I’m really enjoying my new bike. It’s so good having a decent bike that you can get some speed on. It was a lovely evening with a little wind but the views were great looking down towards Port Glasgow with Ben Lomond away in the distance.
At about the half way point a cyclist went past us going the other way. He stopped and shouted after us. He said, ‘Are you John? I’ve been watching your videos!’ His name is Joe and he has entered the Hardmoors 60 race in a few weeks.
Joe said that he has walked the Cleveland Way and heard about the race and is really keen to run it. The only problem is he is struggling a bit with an injury but hopefully he’ll be okay and complete it.
So it was fun to have a chat about ultra running in the middle of our ride.
We came back along the cycle track from Kilmacolm. Unfortunately Alix got a puncture but we soon changed her inner tube and continued on our way.
We were out for a couple of hours and it was good fun. Thanks Alix for your company!
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  1. Debs M-C says:

    Move over Brad, there's another celebrity in town 🙂

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