Cycle Ride rather than a run

My plan for today was to run home from work but my left Achilles has been quite sore today so I decided to switch the run for a cycle.
I set off from home at 5.15pm and headed straight up the hill. I made it all the way up on the top ring (Tim … please note!). I carried on to Lugton turned left and dode back home through Barrhead and a tour of Paisley.
All in all it was 24.18miles in 1hr 28mins 45secs. Here is my route ….

Encouragingly my Achilles felt a lot better after the ride but I’m not going to run for another couple of days and see how it feels on Friday.
There are a number of whw family running the UTMB this weekend so I’ve set up a blog so we can follow their progress. Have a look ….
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1 Response to Cycle Ride rather than a run

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Great blog for UTMB. I'm sure there will be lots of hits over the weekend.

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