Achilles, Cycling, Hollie & UTMB

I’ve not run since the club session last Monday night and my left Achilles is still sore. I can walk fine but if I try to run I can feel it straight away and don’t really want to do any more damage. So I’ve decided not to run for a few more days and reassess.

I must admit the RAW race is looking slightly dodgy. I was in the same position last year but it was my foot then. Last year I was very keen to run the race as I had a chance of 3rd place in the SUMS Super-Seniors. This year I’m well off the pace and so not sure I really want to run it if my Achilles is still sore.
I’ll give it another week or two before deciding.
I’m so glad I have my new bike so at least I can get out and do some exercise. I cycled into work and then took a long detour home ….
I’ve not cycled over the Erskine Bridge before so that was fun even though it was very windy!! So 24.69miles in 1.32. The sun was shining and it was fun trying to keep the average speed up around 16mph!
I really enjoyed following the UTMB race over the weekend. I kept myself busy updating a blog I set up for the weekend. It got over 2,500 hits over the weekend so it was worth doing. I know it’s sad but it was exciting seeing how friends were getting on just by the times at checkpoints and wondering how they were feeling at various points.
Following friends like John Malcolm and Ian King at the end as they battled to finish before the cut off was nerve racking!! They both took over 44hours! The most I have have ran is 31hrs at the Hardmoors in 2009. To be out for another 13hrs plus the mountains they climb. So well done to all of them.
Yesterday our daughter Hollie gave her report to Hopehall Church. She did really well. Here is a picture of us …..
Jo, Emma, Katrina, Hollie, Me, Laura & Josh
As part of her talk she did a video which give a good feel of what she did in Ghana for the 6 months ….
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4 Responses to Achilles, Cycling, Hollie & UTMB

  1. just got to say a big thanks for the UTMB updates, John. Cheers, you were my porthole into another world for the weekend.

  2. Debs M-C says:

    I'm sad too then, as I was hooked all weekend 🙂 So exciting.

    Hope your achilles is sorted soon.

  3. Silke says:

    Great video Hollie. Well done!

  4. Robert says:

    Sorry to hear that you are your Achilles is taking its time to get better. I know the frustration, I strained my Achilles at the beginning of August and have only run 3 miles in the last 3 weeks. Spent lots of time burning up the local trails on my bike in a attempt to keep fit and keep a lid on the frustration.

    I was planning on doing the RAW but have had to drop this idea as my injury just hasn't cleared up quick enough for me to put in the long runs I need to do before the taper. Cramp hindered me at last years RAW so I really wanted to go back and put in a decent run, but have had to just let go – there's always next year.

    You've already done plenty of long runs this year so I would have thought you'd be able to manage the RAW without the usual long runs before tapering. You've already decided that you won't be expecting to race on the day so pressure is off.

    After deciding against running this years RAW I signed up for the Kielder Marathon (9th of October). This helped take the frustration for missing this years RAW.

    Good luck with your recovery.

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