Visit to the Physio and decision made …

I had my appointment tonight with Kath at Newlands Physiotherapy. When I rang to make the appointment Kath said, ‘Oh Yes the Blog Man!!’

Kath listened to my tale of woe (the shortened version!) and then examined my Achilles. Interestingly my left calf muscle is 1cm larger than my right and Kath feels that I’ve been favouring that side to compensate for my right foot which was the problem last year.
Kath then did some ultra sound on the Achilles and some massage. I explained to Kath that I wasn’t sure whether I should do the RAW race as it may do more damage and set me back further. At one point Kath said, ‘It sounds like you want me to tell you not to do it!’
She was right and it made me realise that my heart is not in running the RAW. On the way home I thought about the reasons for and against doing the race. The only reason I could think of for doing it was that I have entered and said I would do it.
The list for not doing it is a lot longer and I feel that I have very little to gain but a lot to lose. I would rather make sure I get it sorted now with some very easy runs and lots of stretches so that I’m ready for the challenges of 2012 …. but that’s for another post.
So I’m going to withdraw from the RAW race. I’ve not withdrawn from an ultra in the five years I’ve been running them but would rather not start than start and not be able to finish.
So we now have a free weekend. It is the long weekend so both Katrina & I have Friday and Monday off. What to do? … I know we’ll go to Llandudno and support Debs & Sharon in the 24hr race. Sorted.
Katrina is looking forward to the Glasgow Half Marathon and is running well. I reckon she’ll be nearer 1hr 50mins than 2hrs but please don’t tell her I said that!!
Make sure you buy the Scottish Daily Mail tomorrow as Katrina’s second diary entry is in the paper. I’ll post it for those who don’t live in Scotland or who don’t want to buy it!!
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6 Responses to Visit to the Physio and decision made …

  1. Great post John… I'm sure you've made the right decision and it's probably a great weight off your mind.

    I'll get the paper tomorrow. 🙂 I'm looking forward to Sunday too – the weather looks ideal – fingers crossed.

    I'm sure Katrina will do well in the half, she was running strongly that night we went out.

    If you fancy a run with a fellow 'blogger' just let me know. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sensible decision in my view, John.

  3. Debs M-C says:

    Great decision 🙂 🙂

  4. Mal says:

    John, have been following your blog throughout the year – its been an inspiration. Hope your recovery is swift. Mal (Blaithwaite House:

  5. Chris Carver says:

    I think that's a wise decision John, especially when you look at this year's bigger picture (including earlier races).

    Hope to see you in Llandudno then … but who will you be supporting, the English or the Scots?

  6. Robert says:

    Tough decision to make, but not doubt a sensible one.

    Over the weekend I caught up with a friend who's started running and she had been suffering from Achilles pain and now seems to be getting over it. What worked for her was upping here cadence.

    In your own case the shorted calf signals a bigger underlying problem that would be fixed just by upping your cadence, although there is chance this might help lower the stress on your Achilles when you do choose to run.

    One of the blogs I follow just posted an article about one runners Achilles problems, this might ring a few bells:

    The blog comments also has a link to another bloggers, from a doctor, discussion Achilles injures, this one is a really insightful, follow the link on the article to his video, it's really insightful:

    For myself I have tried the SocDocs suggestion of looking at the rest of calf for the cause of my own Achilles problem and low and behold I have a bundle of muscle fibers that are knotted and sore when doing deep message.

    I'm going to look at releasing this knot in my calf, if I can't do it with self message going for some trigger point therapy might be the next step to helping resolve the problems.

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