Recce cycle ride

On Sunday Katrina will be doing her longest run in preparation for the Loch Ness Marathon. She’s running with her friends Tracy and Grant.

Initially I had planned to run with them as my longest run before RAW but I’ll be supporting on my push bike instead. I decided to recce the route tonight so I had a good idea of how far it is.

I chose a hilly course as I thought that would be good preparation for Loch Ness. So here is the route they’ll be running this Sunday afternoon …

Katrina’s splits from Sunday’s half marathon make interesting viewing. Her pb for 10k was 49.01 which she did in May at Troon. Katrina ran faster than that, 48.28, during the half marathon and still had another 7miles to do!

So things are looking good for Loch Ness. I put in her half marathon time to a race predictor and this is what it came up with …

It predicts a 3.40 marathon!!!! Please don’t tell Katrina that one!

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3 Responses to Recce cycle ride

  1. Anonymous says:


    An age group prize up for grabs, maybe?!


  2. I'm consistently amazed and impressed by how well Katrina's training has gone – she's doing so, so well! I hope some day that I can be as badass fast as she is 🙂 Til then I shall happily maintain my place in Plodders United! A 3:40 marathon would be incredible!

  3. Hey John – I ran a similar half marathon time to Katrina's the year I ran my marathon.. and it was 3:40….I have every faith she will get that and if not get very close to it!! 🙂 Easy peasy I think. (for her)

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