Katrina’s long run … in the rain

This afternoon Katrina set off for her longest run ever with the Loch Ness Marathon 3 weeks away.

Katrina was joined by Tracey and Grant who both ran last Sunday in the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon and will also be doing the Marathon at Loch Ness.The weather was awful with wind and rain but they ran really well.

Here is a picture at the start before the rain really started!

I followed round on my bike and was able to provide drinks and support.

Here they are at about 7miles and at 9miles …

They all wanted to try out a gel before the long hill at Kilbarchan so I had them ready for them….

Grant and Tracey managed to eat theirs okay but Katrina hated it and was almost sick trying to eat it! So I don’t think she’ll be using that at Loch Ness.

From about 10miles Katrina & Tracey pushed on and I stayed with Grant. They all did really well and if they can manage a 20mile run in those conditions they can handle anything.

Tracey ran home and I took a photo of Grant & Katrina at the end …

Here is their route ….

… and her splits ….

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3 Responses to Katrina’s long run … in the rain

  1. Richard says:

    20 miles in the rain is good for mental toughness if for nothing else. Well done. On the gels – I can't stomach any of them except the SIS-Go gels. The rest taste like sugary snot (not speaking from experience there!)

  2. xtine says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Looks like Katrina is on route for an enjoyable marathon – I am crossing everything that I will be able to make it up there!

    I said hi to Katrina during the Great Scottish Run about mile 11…apologise to her for me if I put her off her stride by gibbering away (:

    Hope things are going well with your training.


  3. xtine says:

    * sorry I meant your cycling training rather than running training!

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