‘Guess Katrina’s Time’ Competition

A few friends have asked whether I will be doing a ‘Guess My Time’ competition for Katrina’s debut Marathon on Sunday 2nd October.

Katrina is not too keen as she doesn’t want the pressure of people’s expectations but since she does read this blog then I thought I’d do it and not tell her …. until afterwards!

So if you want to take part all you have to do is guess in hours, minutes and seconds how long you think Katrina will take to finish the 26miles 385yards Loch Ness Marathon.

To give you an idea Katrina ran 1.44.35 for the Glasgow Half Marathon two weeks ago. Katrina has said that she’ll be happy with anything under 4hrs 30mins.

It’s hard to know just how she’ll find those last 5-6miles but that’s the fun in trying to guess.

Send your guesses by 9am on Saturday 1st October …..
1. Leaving a comment on this blog
2. Text me on 07905 218162
3. Facebook (don’t worry Katrina doesn’t look at facebook either!!)
4. Twitter – jkynaston

There will be a small token prize for the closest guess.

Katrina went to Edinburgh on Monday night and Katrina was fitted with a new pair of running shoes curtesy of Run and Become, Edinburgh. This was part of Katrina’s fame as a Scottish Daily Mail Columnist! She went for a pair of Mizuno ‘Wave Alchemy 11’ and seems very happy with them so far.

The plan is for Katrina to run in them over the next couple of weeks and then decide whether to use them in the Marathon or stick with her Asics.

Finally a comment on my own training. My Achilles is feeling a lot better but there is still some pain if I push down on it. I’m enjoying have a few weeks off running and I’m getting out on the my bike a few days a week which I’m really loving.

I’m not spending as much time on my blog but I’ve been asked to take over the whw web site so I’ve been doing that instead! Hopefully it will go live in October. I’m enjoying setting it up with all the things I hope people would want on the site.

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16 Responses to ‘Guess Katrina’s Time’ Competition

  1. Caroline says:

    I reckon 3 hours 55 minutes – good luck, Katrina!

  2. Silke says:

    3:47:33 Good luck Katrina. You'll be great. Silke

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is really tricky as Katrina has no “form” to go on, this being her first full marathon. She says she'll be happy with anything under 4:30; but based on her races so far, she could well do sub 3:40

    I'll sit on the fence with my guess 'til nearer the time!


  4. Anonymous says:

    I've already sent you my guess, haven't I? Forget the pressure about time…300,000 Scottish Daily Mail readers will see the finishing picture!!

    Debs M-C 🙂

    Ps: Tell Katrina, I'll be at the finishing line with mascara and a comb 🙂

  5. MikeR says:

    4 hour 15min 34 sec

  6. Julie says:

    3 hrs 57 mins 41 seconds

    And lots of luck and best wishes

  7. Mercy says:

    Difficult one; I will go out on a limb 3.45, as K has consistently surprised so far….and good luck- not that she will need it:)

  8. mme, pedant says:

    Does read? or doesn't wee diff there perhaps

  9. GERRY says:

    My guess is 3.52.10 , just watch out for the first few miles where the ups and downs make it difficult to get an even pace going.

  10. Thomas says:

    Katrina has shown some great talent but I would not put too much expectation in her very first one. The second and third ones will be easier and faster.
    Loch Ness is not an easy one either. So completing it in one piece and enjoying it should be her objective. If you insist on a guess I would say 3:59:59.
    Good luck to her!

  11. Thomas says:

    My guess: Macmillan's calculator time plus 5 minutes (which always works for me!):


  12. Colin Knox says:

    Good Luck Katrina……3.57.00

  13. Colin Hardie says:


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