Early morning run

This is my easy week but I was still keen to get a run in today. I knew I wouldn’t be able to run at lunchtime and wouldn’t really want to run after work so decided to get up early and run at 6.30am.

I also needed to get some money out the ATM so ran into Paisley past the bank on the way. The pavements were really icy and slippy so I ran on the road as much as possible. Fortunately there weren’t too many cars about so it was fine.

This is my only run of the week on my own so I spent the time thinking about various things. Often I’d be thinking about this blog and what I wanted to write about. Now I’m thinking about the whw podcast and what items I could include.

One of the things I thought about was a series of ‘Lessons I’ve learnt from the whw.’ I’ve written down a list so watch out for those in future episodes. I will also ask others to contribute. I’m also getting some ideas from others so it looks like the whw podcasts are here to stay!!

I started off quite easy and ran comfortably for the almost 6miles. I reached the house at 5.95miles but resisted the temptation to run the extra 0.05 to round it up!!

I started my ‘Hillfit’ exercises yesterday. Here is a summary of how I got on …

1. Wall sit
I started with the basic position. Sitting against the wall with ankles, knees and hips all at 90degrees. I held the position for 90secs but my legs were shaking a fair bit for the last 20secs or so. I think it may be a few weeks before I can progress to adding weights and making it harder.

2. The push-up plank
Again I started with the basic plank position (the start of a press up) and held it 60sec. I felt okay with this one and will progress to doing a few slow press-ups for 90sec making sure I’m doing them with the correct body position.

3. The modified row
This was is fun. You tie two corners of a beach towel and place it behind a door and shut it so the towel is jammed. (note …. make sure you are pulling the door shut!). Then holding the towel and leaning back, sqeeze your shoulder blades together and pull your self towards the door.

If this doesn’t make sense buy the ebook!

I found this one fairly easy so maybe I wasn’t doing it right! I think I need to do the movement slowly to engage all the muscles. So a work in progress this one.

4. The hip extension
This one was harder than it looked. Lying on my back with hands flat on the floor I lifted up my buttocks imaging there is a 50p between the cheeks (interesting thought!) and held for 90secs. I think I’ll stay with this basic one for a few weeks before adding some weights.

I reckon the four exercises took me about 10mins. I just did one 90sec go of each. I think that is what Chris recommends.

Plus I’ve started to clean my teeth standing on one leg to improve my balance.

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2 Responses to Early morning run

  1. Chris says:


    great to see you enjoying the exercises. I hope you get some benefit. A couple of things I was thinking about. I realise you are a sports teacher and pretty experienced in all this stuff. The routine is a way of getting people training on basics at home. If you do want to get to a gym and start using weights that would be fine. It is just that this basic set of moves can have an impact and are a lot more convenient.

    The Hip Extension – this one gets called lots of things – hip thrust / glute bridge / supine bridge etc. The aim is to get a hip hinge move in the routine to give the glutes some work. While you can do a long static contraction, I had intended there to be repetitions there slowly moving up and down.

    There is a good video here that explains the basic motion and a couple of progressions – shoulders elevated for example. http://youtu.be/Nv7iGFQqsDE

    There is an option for doing the exercise one leg at a time too, although for most people I'd tend to keep to 2 legs at a time. It is often used as a prehab / physio move too.


    All the best


  2. Thanks Chris

    I'll have a look at that.

    I'm not a gym fan so I really like the fact I can do your exercises at home or at work.

    I'm more likely to stick at this as it's realistic.

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