Early morning run on the Braes

Yesterday Katrina, Silke & Caroline ran 20miles on the whw route. They started at Drymen and ran to Balmaha, then a couple of miles out to 10miles and back again. They met quite a few other runners and walkers enjoying the good weather.

Katrina said a few runners knew her name from this blog but I’m not sure if she thinks this is a good thing or not!!

This morning it was my turn. I’d planned 18miles on the Braes and my friend from Kilbarchan Steven S with his dog Gyp were keen to join me.

We’d arranged a 6.45am start and bang on time I received a text from Steven saying he couldn’t find our road. He was only round the corner so we soon met up and got running.

Here is our route ….

Right from the off I sensed that this was going to be a faster run! I made sure I was just behind Steven and very soon we settled into a sensible pace for 18miles.

We had a great run chatting about all sorts of things. The time flowed and the miles were covered. The ground was very muddy in places but there was no ice like last week.

We paused at the Trig point for my traditional photo ….

There was a low covering of cloud right over Paisley so I tried the photsynth app on my iPhone again ….

We kept a good solid pace going right through the run which we were both happy with. In the end we averaged 10.11mile pace. Last week with Katrina we averaged 11.30pace and I could feel the difference in my legs!

Steven & Gyp are joining us for our 35mile run on the whw next Sunday.

So another good week of training completed….

The only thing I didn’t do was my ‘Hillfit’ exercises. I was busy at lunchtime both Tuesday and Thursday and forgot to do them when I got home. I’ll make sure I do them this week!

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1 Response to Early morning run on the Braes

  1. Chris says:

    Don't pressure yourself on the exercises John. Do what you can

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