Monday night Fartlek

We had five in our group tonight. David Mac (who ran a pb at Glasgow parkrun on Saturday 18:30), Gordon, Chris, Neil & me.

The session was 3mins 30secs (with 2min recovery), then 6mins 30secs (with 3min) recovery times 3 with 1min sprint at the end.

Here are my figures …

I must admit I found it tougher going tonight. I could still feel yesterday’s 18miler in my legs. I think it was the fact that we ran them quicker that meant I hadn’t quite recovered.

Anyway I pushed as hard as I could and tried to hang on to David for as long as I could. The first two 6.30’s I was just about in touch but the last one I was struggling to stay anywhere near him. Looking at the figures the middle long one was the fastest which felt about right.

I wore my heart rate monitor again and it gave my a nice uniform pattern on the graph …

My average heart rate for the whole session was 137bpm with a maximum of 157bpm which means I was working hard!

Today and tomorrow is Katrina’s half term so I’ve taken two days holiday as well. Tomorrow we are planning to go for a walk up Ben Lomond as the weather forecast is for a nice clear day.

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1 Response to Monday night Fartlek

  1. Debs M-C says:

    Hope you had a nice day on the hills. Very jealous!
    See you next weekend.

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