Review of Scosche My Trek Wireless Pulse Monitor

A few weeks ago I was sent a Scosche My Trek Wireless Pulse Monitor to try out so here is my review and report of the product.

The main item you are buying is the heart rate monitor and then once you have set it up with your iPhone you download the free app My Trek.

The monitor comes with three different size straps so hopefully one of them will fit your forearm. The middle one fits me best.

The monitor is easy to use as follows …

I am over 50 years old and have been running since I was about 12. For the vast majority of that time I only used a stop watch and a piece of string on a map to work out my distance and pace.

Sometimes I would cycle round a route on my bike with a cycle computer to measure out a route.

I started running ultra marathons (any distance over 26.2miles) about five years ago and bought a Garmin watch which means I can immediately see how far I have run and at what pace.

Garmin does produce a heart rate monitor and I could see the advantage of training with a heart rate monitor but disliked the fact that you had to wear a chest strap to record your heart rate. I found it uncomfortable.

So I was very interested in the My Trek monitor as it fits comfortably on your forearm. I am aware if it but it doesn’t feel awkward and after a few miles I forgot it was there.

Whenever I’ve tried chest strap monitors there always seems to have been a problem with maintaining the heart rate. The My Trek monitor seems to work perfectly and I’ve not experienced any problems at all and the results have been very consistent.

The app was very easy to download and set up with the monitor. You just have to make sure that Bluetooth is switched on.

You enter in your personal details ….

Then choose the type of activity …

Mine tends to be Running though I’ve tried the Cycling option as well …

You can then choose from various options . I prefer the free workout …

Then the monitor calibrates with the app and shows your heart rate ….

Once you are ready simply press Start Workout and run. There is an option to listen to music but I don’t listen to music while I run so haven’t tried this feature.

You can set limits on the app so that the monitor will flash if you have gone over or under. I don’t particularly like to look at it while I’m running but I love to analyse afterwards.

Here is the data from my latest run last night …

At a glance it tells me how far I’ve run, my average heart rate and a graph of my heart rate. I also used my garmin 205 for this run and it recorded 9.05miles for this run so I’m not sure how accurate the mileage is.

It also gives you the option of seeing the map of where you have run ….

You have the option of sharing the details of your run on various platforms …

Once you have saved the run the app saves it on the calendar …

For some reason the date is wrong. Today … 16th February is a Thursday but it shows as a Wednesday??

For someone like me who loves to keep a record of my runs this is such a good tool. Now not only do I have my distance/pace/time but now I have my heart rate as well.

Here is a graph of my Fartlek session from Monday 13th February …

We did a session that was 3mins 30secs of hard running with 2mins 30secs recovery, then 6mins 30secs hard with 3mins recovery. This was done 3 times in total. You can clearly see where I was working hard and when I was recovering.

This type of information is really helpful as I plan and once I’ve build up more data from more runs it will help me to look back on.

The final picture is from a hill session last Friday ….

Again you can see the five sets of hill repeats that I did.

So in conclusion I found the My Trek Wireless Monitor and app very easy to use, very reliable and a very beneficial took to help with my training. I will certainly be using it on a regular basis.

The only thing I wish it could do would be to transfer the details to my computer to analyse. At the moment I can just send the picture but I’m not able to move the cursor around on the graph.

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2 Responses to Review of Scosche My Trek Wireless Pulse Monitor

  1. DaveT says:

    Great review. Going for a run is just a way of collecting more data to analyse.

  2. Mike Hughes says:

    Hi John, I was just looking at this item on Amazon. Do you know if it's compatible with the iPhone 4 or not. Every other heart rate monitor I have looked at only works with the 4s and above.

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