Preparing for the Lakeland 100

As I’m running the Dumbarton 10k on Thursday I decided to go for an easy run at lunchtime today so I can have a day off tomorrow before the race.  My legs felt a bit sluggish/tight from last night but I soon got going and it was fine.  

I’m finding it quite interesting comparing my build up to the Lakeland 100 race in comparison to the whw race. The fact that the Lakeland race is in late July rather than the third weekend in June makes a massive difference.

Whereas the whw is only 3 and a bit weeks away the Lakeland 100 is still over 8 weeks away.  Now that I’m looking after the whw web site I’m also interested in how the Lakeland races keep folk in touch with things.

Marc Laithwaite, one of the organisers, writes some really interesting articles and posts them on the Lakeland blog.  He’s not doing any podcasts yet so that’s one up for the whw race!!

Anyway Marc’s latest article is entitled, ‘You can do a lot with 8weeks … time to get SMART,’

It’s really good and gave me some new things to think about and put into practise over the next 8 weeks.  It encouraged me as well as I feel I am doing most of the things that Marc suggests.  This is my 6th year of doing ultras so hopefully I’ve worked some good ideas by now. 

One of the things Marc says is to work on your weaknesses.  I would say that my downhill running is definitely an area that I don’t do as well on as those around me in races.  So as I mentioned yesterday I’m planning to get some long downhill runs in off Ben Lomond in the next few weeks.

I’ve been in touch with Debs M-C today to ask how things are going in preparation for her big race of the year … the 145mile Grand Union Canal Race which starts in Birmingham and finishes in London.  I can’t find on the web site when it starts on Saturday 2nd June but no doubt someone will tell me?

Anyway I hope Debs has a great race and manages to make it to London without getting lost and/or too bored with no hills to walk up.  I look forward to hearing all about it.

Finally I read Paul Tierney’s account of his recent Bob Graham Round.  I met Gaynor and Tracey on a training run on whw the week before they supported Paul on his round so was really interested to hear how it went. Paul completed the 42 peaks in 17hrs 59mins 24secs.  When you think that for most people to get under 24hrs is a real achievement that is some time.

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2 Responses to Preparing for the Lakeland 100

  1. Thomas says:

    Hi John, it sais on the GUCR website
    “The Eighteenth GUCR will start at 6am on 2nd June 2012”

  2. Debs M-C says:

    Thanks JK.

    Too bored? Do you remember the route in Wales? 🙂

    Very best of luck in Dumbarton. Good choice not to do Clydebank though!

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