Real Relay #219

Well that was great fun. We went to bed about 10.30am and set the slarm for 1.15am. Katrina reckons I was snoring within a few minutes. We were up just after 1.15am and in the car by 1.45am. We’d heard from a runner of #216 that the baton was on time.

Wee arrived at our meeting point at 2.10am to see Norman waiting for us. He had just arrived having run from Beith. Norman handed over the baton to Katrina ….

and took a photo of us before heading back home.

Katrina wanted to run the first leg. Katrina set off at 2.10am which was 20mins ahead of schedule. Here is her route ….

I bascially drove ahead and waited every half mile or so. Initially we’d decided to stay on the main road to Port Glasgow but it was closed so we used the minor road which was great as their weren’t any cars at 2.20am.

Katrina was running really well and I kept having to say she could slow down otherwise we’d be at Bishopton too early!  

Once we reached Port Glasgow we turn right and headed along the A8.  It was very windy and not the best road to run on but again not much traffic about so it was okay.  At one point though a police car stopped to ask Katrina if she was alright.

She must have looked an interesting sight running along the A8 with a large baton at 3am in the morning!  Katrina ran just over 6miles then we swapped roles. I ran and Katrina drove.

Here is my route …

 and a photo after a couple of miles….

I really enjoyed it. It is a crazy thing to do … running 5miles in the middle of the night but it great knowing that you are part of something bigger – an 8,000mile relay all over the country.

I had sent a text to Laura, the next runner saying we would be ahead of time and so she was waiting with her Mum ready to take over.  

So thanks to Endurance Life and their Real Relay. I’ll be following the progress of the baton as it completes it’s journey to London in time for the Olympic Games. If you help with a leg then do … it’s great to part of it.

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2 Responses to Real Relay #219

  1. Thomas says:

    I was a bit worried about you two running though the night but I am glad you made it back home safely 🙂

    I take it you must be hungry then tonight?

  2. Rhona says:

    What an exciting thing to do; I do wish I could join in when it gets around to my side but never mind. They're certainly not short of runners so that's good – the Scottish running community have really risen to the challenge!
    I'm curious about the baton – how heavy was it? was it hard to run with?
    Maybe see you this weekend 🙂

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