My Goals for the Lakeland 100 race

The Lakeland 100 race is rapidly getting closer and I thought it was about time I shared my goals for the race. After last year’s whw race I initially decided to have an easier year in 2012 and do a few 50milers.

Dave T had other ideas though and suggested we enter the Lakeland 100 and train for it together. I’m so glad we did as I’ve really enjoyed our four recce runs we’ve done together.

Having covered the whole route there will be no surprises. The hard part is putting them all together in one run.

Like a lot of people I like to have more than one goal for a race. Things can very easily go wrong in an ultra race so if al your eggs are in one basket it can be hard mentally if you slip behind your target. I’ve learnt that from experience!

So I like to have bronze, silver and gold goals.

Bronze – finish is under 40hrs

The maximum time allowed is 40hrs. The withdrawal rate for this race is about 50% so I’m under illusion that it is a tough race to finish never mind run a decent time. So my bronze medal goal is to finish and complete the distance within the time limit. I would to finish with a smile o my face having enjoyed it.

Silver – under 29hrs 23mins 58secs

You may be asking why that time. Well there is a reason behind it! On a recent training run I caught up with Gaynor and her friend Tracey. Gaynor ran the Lakeland 100 last year, winning the Ladies race in 28hrs 24mins 12secs.

This year she was running the whw race and I’m running the Lakeland 100 so I set Gaynor a challenge. Could she beat my whw pb (19hrs 51mins 59secs) and could I beat her Lakeland 100 time?

Gaynor finished 2nd lady in the whw race in 20hrs 51mins 45secs so she was 59mins 46secs slower than my time. But to be fair she had much tougher conditions than I did in 2009 when I ran my pb but we’ll overlook that!!

So if you add 59min 46sec to 28hr 24min 12secs you get 29hrs 23mins 58sec. I hope that will give me an extra incentive to keep going!

Gold – under 28hrs 24mins 12secs

I might as well keep the theme going and see if I can aim for Gaynor’s pb from last year. To be honest I feel this is right at the limit of my capability but I like having a challenging goal and this one is certainly challenging.

I do remember the last time I challenged a female – Sharon in 2010 and that didn’t go well – so we’ll see whether this is as foolish as that one!

I’ll be working on a sub 30hr schedule which is based on our recce runs. I’d love to think I could finish in under 30hrs but my experience of the last couple of years is that it’s so hard to predict as so many things can go wrong.

I will certainly be trying my very best and it’s not too long before I find out.


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2 Responses to My Goals for the Lakeland 100 race

  1. Johann says:

    Great goals for sure. You've done the work and I know you'll be rewarded. All the best with the final preparations!

  2. Robert says:

    I think you need to double check you maths for your silver… adding an hour to Gaynor's Lakeland 100 time because Gaynor was 1hr slower than your WHR pb seems rather backwards.

    Rather I would have thought your Gold should be at least an hour faster than Gaynor's 28:24:12 time.

    Personally I'd use ratio's rather adding or subtracting times. Terry's astonishing performances in the Lakeland 100 and WHR have the the Lakeland time as 40% slower. Using this same ratio against your WHR pb you'd get 27hr 48 minutes.

    Gayon's ratio are have 36% slower Lakeland time so would take your required Lakeland time even faster.

    I'm pretty sure John Kynaston Vintage 2010 would have easily done a sub 28hr Lakeland 100. While you haven't ever properly tested your fitness in an Ultra race this year I think your more relaxed approach to training and racing will be good for you. I suspect that you'll not that far off your best from previous years.

    As for my own estimate, I think a sub 30 hour time is very likely, sub 29 would be great and more likely than not, sub 28 would be awesome and given your experience and ultra track record entirely possible. For a bit of fun I'll give you a specific figure of 27:59:59, but it's all just meaningless really.

    Just finishing such a massive challenge is just mind boggling, so anything under 40hrs I'd give a gold 🙂

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