Final Run

I wanted to do my final easy run today but we have a team meeting all day and then I’m through to Edinburgh for a whw committee meeting tonight so the only time was early morning.

So I was up and out by 6.50am for a run round Brodie Park. I wanted to wear my Hoka Mafate for my final run so the park is the easiest option. I spent the run thinking about the race on Friday. But to be honest I find myself thinking about the race most of the day anyway.

I’m keen to get going now and I’m really looking forward to the challenge.  We head down to Keswick on Thursday morning. We are staying with Dave & Tracey on Thursday night before driving to Coniston on Friday morning.

We’ll register early and then have some time to relax and hopefully sleep a bit before the race briefing at 4.30pm and the start at 5.30pm.

The Lakeland 100 web site has live updates so if you would like to follow my progress then do log on and you’ll be able to see how I’m doing.

I’m not going to carry my iPhone but Katrina will have it and will forward any messages so if you would like to encourage me along the way please send them to 07905 218162.  I won’t be able to reply on the day but I will text after I’ve finished.

I’m hoping Katrina will send some tweets from my phone with updates that will appear on this blog as well.  I just need to show her how to do it!

I’m determined to set off really easy in this race and feel the best chance I have of enjoying it is to get as far as I can as easily as possible.

I’m working on a sub 30hr plan as I like to have something to focus on. It may well be that I ditch it but if I can be there or there abouts I’ll be very happy.

So here is the plan.  This is based on our training runs and also on times run in previous years.  It will be interesting to see how the reality matches the plan!

I now have 30 guesses for my ‘Guess My Time’ competition.  You have until Thursday 5.30pm to enter.  I’ll post the guesses on Thursday night.

So the training is done, the preparation is almost complete and I’m as ready as I ever will be.  

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1 Response to Final Run

  1. Silke says:

    now it is time for your “Race of the Year”! I hope all your preparation and training will give you a great race. Good luck and I will be following your progress, that's for sure! Silke

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