Guess My Time Entries

The race is now less than 24hrs away. Just one more sleep and maybe a doze tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks to those who have sent in a guess for my little competition. It keeps me happy anyway.  I had a total of 44 entries.  Here is the full list …

Late entries (but still before the 5.30pm deadline)
Thomas Loehndorf 28:59:01
Dale & Denise Mathers 28:54:00
Dave Troman 29:15:00
Tracey Troman 30:00:00
Joe Brannon 28:47:00

It divides neatly into three groups ….

1. The very optimistic

17 people guessed that I will finish under 29hrs.  I would love to be able to do this and if all things goes well I do feel it is possible. 

2. The hopefully realistic

15 people guessed that I would finish with a 29hr in the time.  I know it’s only 2secs difference but 29:59:59 sounds soooo much better than 30:00:01.

3. The sensible realism-ists
I know that’s not a word but hey it’s my competition.  Given my last 2 West Highland Way races I suppose a time over 30hrs is far more realistic than a sub 30hr time but I still habour hopes that last year was a blip and I still have some decent times in these legs. 12 people are in this group

We arrived in Keswick at lunch time and we are staying (once again!) with Dave & Tracey.  We’ll be heading down to Coniston tomorrow morning which will give us plenty of time to register, pitch our tent (and camper van for Dave & Tracey), sort out our drop bags and have rest before the kick off at 5.30pm

Remember you can follow our progress on the race web site …. and if you have time please send me a text (07905 218162) to encourage me on my way!

The race numbers are now on the web site. I’m number 131.

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6 Responses to Guess My Time Entries

  1. Hi John, huge amount of respect for getting yourself fit and ready for the once of the biggest challenges yet. While you haven't raced any ultra's this yet I can't help but feel the more relaxed pace and doing more long runs but at a shorter is going to work well for you. You've never broken you're body down, just built it stronger and stronger.

    On the Guess My Time Entries you have Robert Souter down for 27:59:59, is it just coincidence that he estimated the same time as me or might it be that you made an assumption about surname. My fullname is Robert Osfield, but in my previous comments on your blog it's just written as Robert. Could you add me/fix the entry under 27:59:59?

    I was also wondering if you might also consider the blog I've just started for inclusion for your WHW blog list – I know I've only done the Fling so far, but for sure I'll be back, and the Devil is on my todo list, and maybe even the WHR if I finally get this ultra game sussed.

    The blog title is Trossachs Trail Runner:

    I'll be blogging mostly about trail running and life in Trossachs and of course training for Ultra's!

    In terms of training… I did a long run to and then up Ben Ledi last weekend. 15 miles with 3000ft ascent and descent totally fried my quads, and this is only 1/7th of distance and ascent/descent of Lakeland 100. You've been putting away training runs twice this without much problem which is great sign of just how fit for purpose you've become.

    Good luck to you, your support team and all the other competitors, marshalls, support. I look to the tweets of progress, you'll be stealing the limelight from the Olympics!

  2. Thanks Robert.

    Yes you are right … I wasn't sure which Robert it was. I'll change that on my sheet.

    I'll add your blog to the whw blog roll after the weekend.


  3. Andy Cole says:

    Can't remember whether it was on your blog or Facebook, but I had you down for 29:55:00. Weather looks good for you, though I would prefer it to have stayed a bit warmer! Cheers, Andy

  4. Sorry Andy. I've added your guess. See you soon.

  5. Debs M-C says:

    That Neal Gibson is sick in the head 🙂

  6. dobo says:

    I think i have a photo of you at Dockray. go off the link on the montane 100 photo on my homepage and it will take you to my picasa web Albums. My website is just download any you want or i can email original file if you want any. well done mate.

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