Back home

We arrived back home this afternoon after staying a couple of nights with Dave and Tracey in Keswick.  I interviewed Dave for the next whw podcast. I know it’s not about the whw but it is well worth listening to.

Just a quick update on a few things ….

Guess My Time Competition
Congratulations to Ian Minty who won my little competition. HIs guess of 32:50:00 was the closest. Well done Ian and thanks to everyone who took part.

My feet

Murdo asked for an update on my feet.  Here are a couple of pictures.

They are feeling a bit better each day.  I do feel I need to try and work out what is happening as my sore feet were definitely the thing which slowed me down over the second half of the race. Dave suggested I see a chiropodist for some advice.  Also maybe now is the time to get my bunion sorted? 
Video Diary
I’ll be putting a video diary of the day together in the next few days but here is a clip of me finishing that Dave took. 
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Katrina and the Devil O’ the Highlands Race
I reckon Katrina is now only 3rd reserve so she will be running I’m sure.  I’m looking forwward to my role as chief supporter.  Katrina bought a pair of Hoka’s at the weekend and is looking forward to wearing them for the race.  If she wants to change I’ll have her road shoes ready for her.
Thanks again for all your messages of support over the weekend. They were really appreciated.
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6 Responses to Back home

  1. Debs M-C says:

    The advice the chiropodist would give you, would be not to post pictures of your feet on your blog!

    One of my friends from Garscube is a chiropodist and works in Paisley. I'll email you her details. Just in case…

  2. Silke says:

    Not pretty! 🙂
    Bunion surgery? Quite a big undertaking and I would think twice/three times and more about it. It wasn't really the bunion that caused the problem, was it? Main issue will have been the wet feet.
    See you Saturday. Silke

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your feet are certainly looking a lot better; well, less bad. There were some other rather horrible pictures posted of “feet just after the Lakeland 100” ~ from Flip and Jon Steele, I think. None from the ladies; maybe photos of battered feet is a man thing…..

    I wonder how your recovery is going generally, a few days on from the race? 34 hours non-stop on the go is a long time.


  4. Well done on completing the Lakeland 100, and posting such an honest blog post about it so quickly.

    With your feet I think you almost certainly should start looking at treating for the longer term heath and would view your current sock, footwear and orthotics as either insufficient or inappropriate.

    One product that come to mind for correcting your toe positions that are horribly out of alignment is Correct Toes:

    I'd also suggest having a look at all your footwear, both daily stuff you wear to work, slippers at home and trainer you put on feet in training and races. All footwear can cause problems so you should look at whether every pair you put on might be helping or making things worse. In particular look at how the toes are effected, taking the insoles of the shoes out and putting them on the ground then standing on them will show you whether they are likely to be forcing your toes in or giving them roam to naturally splay.

    A healthy foot should have the toes in line with the metatarsals, and is crucial for proper balance and loading of the foot. I'd guess that getting all your toes to ideal position may no longer be possible without surgery, or at least long term support in gradually moving the toes out towards some semblance of alignment.

    Smaller steps would be to look at footwear with anatomical lasts for all your shoes, using toe socks as they don't pull in the toes. I'm sure they will be foot strengthening exercises that might help too.

    None of this helps solve the trench foot though… Thinner socks and footwear than drains and dries out more quickly would help.

    Best of luck with recovery.

  5. A google search on Correct Toes came up with the follow blog post with x-rays before and after, I'd say it looks pretty encouraging:

  6. John, my friends Jeff and Sam sell Correct Toes in their online barefoot running store – – I think they're the only UK seller. You never know, if you mention you know me they might knock off a few quid!
    I've been running predominantly in barefoot shoes since the WHW race – it definitely toughens up the feet so might be worth a try. I've got a pair of Vivobarefoot Breathos and would recommend them. Ali

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