Triple Crown

Over the last couple of years I’ve enjoyed keeping a record of those who have completed the ‘unofficial’ Triple Crown. The Triple Crown in this case is not the Rugby version but the three races on the West Highland Way.

The first is the 53mile Highland Fling in April. The second race is the full 95mile West Highland Way Race in June and thirdly is the 42mile Devil O’ the Highlands Race in August.

So to complete the Triple Crown a runner needs to complete all three races in the same year.

According to my reckoning 13 people ran all three races this year. Last year I made some mistakes and had to add people I’d missed but hopefully I’ve got everyone this year. If I have missed anyone please let me know.

So here is the list of those who completed all three races with their times and total times.

 2007 was the first year that three runners did all three races and in the last 6 years 60 people have completed it at least once. Eric Baird has completed it 3 times and 14 people (including me!) have done it twice.

The best cumulative time is held by George Cairns at 30hrs 30mins 59secs. For many people that would be a good time for the West Highland Way Race alone!!

Spreadsheet with all Triple Crown Finishers.

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2 Responses to Triple Crown

  1. Iain Wallace says:

    Hi John,
    Thanks, great work! Just noticed one missing person – Iain Cairns definitely completed all 3 this year too. Cheers, Iain W

  2. Well spotted Iain.

    I've added in Iain Cairns

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