October review

I wonder if you’ve missed me!  I did have one text yesterday from Lesley McK asking,Have you stopped blogging??? I’m missing my daily dose!’

Also Debs posted, You know you haven’t blogged for over a week!! Someone will be planning a memorial race somewhere..’

The reason I’ve not blogged for a week or so is because I decided to have 10 days off after the Jedburgh Ultra.  I had 10 days off after the Lakeland 100 and felt I needed another break now.

In the past the only time I had this long off was when I was injured. It is good to be able to chose to have some time off. The first week was fine but as it got into the second week I was looking forward to getting going again.

The bottom line is I really enjoy running and feel sluggish and lethargic when I’m not running regularly.  So my plan is to to run 3-4 times a week for the rest of the November. Then Katrina & I have decided to do the Marcothon this year.

Marco and Debs have set up a fancy web site this year as well their facebook page. In the past I’ve not wanted to run every day but I’ve decided to join in the fun this year.  So those who like to follow this blog every day will get to do just that in December!! 

Katrina & I went for an easy run after work today. Katrina took me on one of her routes which was fun.  I was happy to let Katrina set the pace. Half way round she said this is a bit faster than I normally run. I replied that you are setting the pace! I’m running half a step behind you.  

It didn’t seem to make much difference and we finished as steady as we started. It was good to get out again and though my legs felt a bit sluggish there is no soreness or injury so that’s good news. 

A quick review of October.  

So a good solid month with the Jedburgh race to finish it off.  
With a couple of months to go in 2012 here is a summary of my year so far ….

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1 Response to October review

  1. You've alive! Rejoice!!

    I did rather wonder what had happened since Jedburgh and was hoping that illness or some other mishap hadn't occurred.

    So it's great to see you posting again, and with more graphs and tables, Rejoice once more 🙂

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