Firstly a bit of family news.  On New Year’s Eve our daughter, Emma and Yonas were engaged.  They were on holiday in Bali so we couldn’t chat to them via Skype until this morning.  We are all really excited not least because they are going to get married in Indonesia duirng the first week of July.

We are all booking flights and can’t wait to celebrate with them. 

It was good to congratulate them via Skype this morning.  They have a bit to do in organising the wedding and all the legal side of things but 6 months shoudl be fine!

After our chat I went for a run before my swimming lessons.  I was quite keen to push the pace a bit and was happy to see my pace was around 7.28 at half way and by the time I finished it was under 7.20 so that counts as a tempo run.

My calves are fine now but my right achilles is still slightly sore so I’ll need to make sure I don’t do anything silly.

My weekly plan is to run our club Fartlek session on Monday night, another club run (tempo this time) on Wednesday, a hill session (or easy run) on Friday and then a longer off road run on Sunday.  I’m also planning to cycle on Tuesday and Thursday as cross training. 

If I need my motorcyle for work on one of those days I might put in another easy run but I’ll make sure it is easy.

January is always a key month to get a good foundation laid for the rest of the year. My other big aim is to lose 8-10lbs over the next month or so.  My weight at the start of the year was 12st 10lbs so if I could get down to 12st I’d be happy and reckon it will make a differnce to my running.

I’m also going to try and do Chris Highcock’s HillFit routine a couple of times a week. 

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One Response to Congratulations

  1. Thomas says:

    Those exciting family news seem to keep coming all the time. Congratulations to the happy couple.

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