Football, run & new watch to try out

What a great day I had yesterday. Neal asked me whether I fancied another trip to watch his beloved Bradford. This time it was the second leg of the Capital Cup against Aston Villa. Bradford were 3-1 up from the first leg so the tie was evenly balanced.

Peter (Caroline’s Dad) also came with us. We left Glasgow at 11am and had a very easy journey to Birmingham. There was some snow but the roads were fine.  We arrived at 4.30pm so plenty of time to get something to eat and find the ground.

We met up with Neal’s parents who had travelled from Badford on one of the supporters buses outside the ground.  They were in a different stand to us.

L to R Neal’s parents, Peter & Neal

We had really good seats though we didn’t sit down!  All the Bradford supporters stood for the whole game cheering on their team. I was singing along with the rest but couldn’t quite bring myself to sing ‘I’m City ’till I die’!!!

Before the game with Bradford warming up

The game was excellent full of passion. Villa dominated the first half and deserved to be 1-0 up. But the second half belonged to Bradford who scored an excellent equiliser. The game looked safe for City until Villa scored with 3 mins to go.

The last few minutes were tense but Bradford held on to win the overall tie 4-3 and become the first team from the fourth tier of English Football to make it to a major Cup Final since 1962.  No wonder Neal is happy ..

We drove back to Scotland straight after the game. We shared the driving. I drove from Birmingham to just near Carlisle when Peter took over. I promptly feel asleep and woke as we hit Glasgow! I was in bed for 3.15am so had another few hours sleep before getting up for work! Well worth it!

A friend from Kilbarchan, Dougie, had a Suunto Ambit on the other week and I was asking him about it.  He didn’t particularly like it and explained he only had it as his company was doing some work for the makers.  So he oftered it to me …. or did I ask?  Can’t remember but the outcome was he has let me borrow it for as long as I want.  He may regret that!!!!

I wanted to try out my new Saucony shoes so decided to run to Elderslie Baths to meet Dougie, who was going on the club run.  The shoes felt great and I’m very happy with their first outing.  I ran just over 5.5miles.  I’m planning another run tomorrow when I’ll try out the watch in preparation for Saturday’s 30miler with the whw training weekend.


I’ll give it a good few sessions and then write a review. I’ve always been a ‘garmin’ man so we’ll see how it compares. I’m looking forward to trying it out.  

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2 Responses to Football, run & new watch to try out

  1. Johann says:

    Suunto is quite big here in SA and some top trail runners use it. I haven't used it myself so I'm looking forward to your review. It is better priced here than Garmin and Polar.

  2. Thomas says:

    The “City 'till I die” chant is shamelessly stolen from Manchester anyway!

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