First run with the Suunto Ambit

I was looking forward to tonight’s run not so much for the actual run but to try out the Suunto Ambit I have borrowed.  I decided to go on one of my hilly routes so I could how well the altitude function worked. I also wore the heart rate strap to check that out.

The run was fine and I felt I was running smoothly. The Saucony’s have received a thumbs up so far.  But the real fun started when the run finished and I downloaded the information to the web site.

There are loads of different graphs to analyse the run but here a few to start with ….

The basics of the run in nice graphics
The profile (altitude) of the run and laps
Map of the run (option for Satelite if you prefer)
Heart Rate

I can see I’m going to have loads of fun with this watch!!

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2 Responses to First run with the Suunto Ambit

  1. DaveT says:

    A run is simply a way of gathering data to analyse!

  2. Johann says:

    Looks nice! The software is a huge factor when deciding on a watch.

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