Running in a snow blizzard

This morning I was back up on the Braes for my second longer run of the weekend. To get back in time for church I left at 7am in the dark. Within half an hour it was light so that was fine. Once I climbed up onto the Braes I ran into the snow.

The higher I got the thicker the snow was both on the ground and falling from the sky.  As I was the first one up there I loved making fresh footprints in the snow. I wanted to run a bit quicker than yesterday’s run with Katrina.  I was feeling good and ran as much as I could.

It was very wet and muddy underfoot so it was hard to get going in some places with all the slipping in the snow.  I really should have brought my Kahtoola’s.  Over the highest point it was snowing quite hard with a strong wind so I needed to keep moving to stay warm!

Once I dropped down a bit at the end of the first loop it got a bit warmer and the climb up the hill again soon warmed me up.  I just thinking how much I was enjoying this when I stepped in a puddle that was a lot deeper than I thought and down I went …. head first into a large muddy muddle!

I cut both knees but nothing serious.  I was covered in mud though for the rest of the run which thankfully wasn’t too far. If that the low point one of the high points was running in my footprints from the first time round. There was something child like being able to follow my own footprints!!

The 16.61miles took me 2hrs 54mins (10.30pace) with an average HR of 131. Donald Kettrick asked me on facebook what my resting HR is.  I said I thought it was about 52 but I checked this morning using a heart rate app and it’s 43.  I’m going to take it every morning for a week or so and see if it changes much.

I posted my training plan yesterday and on facebook.  It took until the eagle eyes of Ian Beattie to spot that I had the whw race on Sat 29th June rather than Sat 22nd June!!  Now that would have been embarassing arriving a week late!

So here is my revised plan ….

This afternoon we’re off to watch the Rocks play Plymouth but before the main game one of my schools is playing in a game having qualified to get there. The only downside is I’ll miss the Man Ut v Everton game! But I’ll be following closely on my phone.  1-1 I reckon.

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3 Responses to Running in a snow blizzard

  1. Paul says:

    I'm impressed with the attention to detail,John.I'm curious about your back to back long run in may.Are you looking for company?Paul

  2. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your comment. If you want to email me on I can let you know the details of my planned 2 day run.

  3. Debs M-C says:

    Sounds like the calamity-style runs that I have 🙂 Cairn now inspects my knees for blood when I get back from a long run.

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