Hill Run

Today I knew I wouldn’t be able to run at lunchtime and have a dental check up after work so decided to run before work. 

For my hill session today I decided to do my run to Robertson’s Car Park and back which is basically a mile warm up, 1.5miles uphill, turn round and run back.  I find this a good run as the downhill is just as important for me as the uphill.

Here is the profile …

…. and my mile splits …

So another good session.  It took me a few minutes to warm up but by the time I hit the hill I was awake and working hard.

Tomorrow is my day off before back to back runs at the weekend.  Saturday I’ll be running 11miles with Katrina then 18miles on Sunday with Marco and friends.

Last night I filled in the volunteer form to help at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.  I think it will be a tremendous event and I’d love to be involved. I’m sure they will receive thousands of applications but hopefully I’ll get a place.

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