Run on the Kilpatricks with Marco

A few weeks ago I asked Marco whether he fancied a run on the Kilpatrick Hills today. It fitted in well with is schedule as he’d done 27miles yesterday running from Glasgow to Falkirk on the canal path with Thomas and Matt. 

David Mack was hoping to join us but having done a longer run yesterday decided that his legs hadn’t recovered enough.  The only concern I had was how my thigh would feel after yesterday’s fall.  It was sore most of yesterday but when I woke this morning it didn’t feel as bad so thought I should be okay!

I drove over to Marco’s for 8.30am and we headed up to the Kilpatrick Hills.  The weather was superb and stayed that way for the whole run. 

I took some photos and video clips. Here are the photos and the video clips will be coming later.

After a photo we set off just before 9am …

Marco has taken me on a couple of runs over the last few years but this was a slightly different route which I really enjoyed.

I was keen to run 18miles (as per my Jantastic plan!).  Marco thought this route should take us up to 18miles and it did.  The views and route were great. I really enjoyed the various types of terrain from good paths to wet ground.  There were also plenty of hills to run/walk up.

A few of the hills Marco ran all the way up while I walked some of them.  It worked out really well and we spent the whole run chatting about all sorts of things.  Marco & I have run a lot together in the past so it was great to catch up.

I always enjoy running with Marco as he sets a good pace for me to follow! I felt we kept a good steady pace (for me) and it was good to be able to finish strongly.

My thigh was okay for most of run but it did hurt a bit on the downhill sections.  After about 9miles as we came off the Whangie I decided to take a neurofen to take the edge off the pain and it did that making the last hour more comfortable.

Food wise I ate a brioche bun, an energy bar and some yougart raisins plus 250ml of flat coke and some water. 

I really enjoyed  the run and thanks to Marco for taking me round and being such great company.  I’ve ran 52.7miles this week and next week will be more as we have our whw run next Sunday when we’ll be runing 32-35miles.  I hope the weather is as good as today!!

Finally my HR averaged 134 for the run …..

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