Easy run and volunteering for Lakeland 50/100

This morning I was out at 6.45am for an easy run. I made sure I kept the heart rate down (123) and the pace easy (8.27).  I spent most of the run thinking about Sunday’s race and wondering how close I’ll be to my pre-race prediction of 1.27.30.  We’ll soon find out.

Katrina seems ready for the race as well but is uncertain whether she can go quicker than her pb of 1.40.  I reckon she’ll be close so (don’t tell her) but I’m prediciting 1hr 39mins 29secs. 

The other member of our family is our daughter Jo who is running her fisr ever half marathon. In fact it’s her first ever race!  She has done the training and since I’m predicting times I’ll go for 2hrs 10mins 30secs. 

The weather forecast is not too bad for Sunday. There is a light shower forecast from 3pm but as the race starts at 1pm we should be finished by then!!  That will be a good incentive for Jo to finish in 2hrs as well!!

Today I received an email from Marc Laithwiate (organiser of the Lakeland 50/100).  I’ve volunteered to help with the race this year and Marc has sent the helpers their roles and responsibilities.  One of my roles is to greet people at the finish and take them into the hall and announce they have finished.

It is a very emotional time for finishers and I’m really looking forward to being part of that moment for those who finish.  Here is my finish from last year’s race ….

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2 Responses to Easy run and volunteering for Lakeland 50/100

  1. Thats one of the things I love about that race is the annoucement at the end. Its like the final stamp of approval coming down that yes you really have finished! 🙂

  2. Andy Cole says:

    Good luck to all the Kynastons on Sunday!

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