Inverness Half Marathon

We had a great weekend in Inverness.  Full report to come but all three of us had a great race …

Before the race
After the race

Times …

Me – 1hr 27mins 36secs
Position 86th (M50 cat 7th)

Katrina – 1hr 40mins 59secs
Position 356th (F50 cat 2nd!!)

Jo – 2hrs 5mins 24secs
Position 1104th (FOpen cat 227nd)

My splits …

Full results

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4 Responses to Inverness Half Marathon

  1. UltraStu says:

    Hi John, 1:27:36!!! Whats this, six seconds slower than your preducted finish time. Very impressive. Both the actual time, and the closeness of your prediction.

    See you next month.


    PS If you are wondering what I am doing up at this time of night, take a quick look at what I have been working on.
    Still 'work in progress' before officially 'launching'. Pity about the date for my first running camp, as it clashes with the West Highland Way. I'll keep you informed of the following camps.

  2. Andy Cole says:

    Well done to all of you! I would be happy to keep up your pace for one mile, never mind 13!

  3. Well done to all three of you. Katrina getting a 2nd in the M50 is particularly impressive in more ways than one!

    Or perhaps you just made a typo and meant F50 🙂

    Your own time of 1:27:36 is almost unbelievably close to your target, now you've set such a precedent you'll need to be spot on all year.

    Looking at the HR figures it looks like you might of gone out a tad wee to hard, it'll be interesting to read the full write up to see if that's how it felt.

    Putting away such a good half marathon time just points to be able to crush your marathon PB.

  4. Grellan says:

    A great familyu outing John. Well done to Katrina on her podium finish.

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