Tempo and Taper

When I set out my training plan for the Fling and West Highland Way Races one of the things I wasn’t sure about was how long my taper should be for the Fling.  I like to race the Fling as hard as I can but also recognise that the bigger goal is the West Highland Way race in June.

So initially I planned to just taper for the week before the race, ie next week but I’ve decided to start now.  Today I had a 9mile tempo run planned but I decided to change it to a 7mile run with 1mile warm up, 2 miles at tempo pace (around 7min per mile), an easy mile, then 2 more miles at tempo pace with an easy mile at the end.

The weather here today has been rain and more rain so it was pretty miserable running wise. My legs felt a bit heavy which confirmed that I’d do better to ease off for the next 10 days or so before the Fling.

Here are my stats for the run ….

I was quite happy with the run but I do feel I’d benefit from running every other day from now until the Fling so that I can arrive at the start line as fresh as possible.

So here is my taper plan for the next 10 days …..

Finally wanted to say Happy Birthday to Katrina …. we are off to have a meal with Laura in Motherwell. 

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