Photos of Katrina’s latest Half Marathon

Katrina fancied doing another half marathon before we head off to Indonesia for our daughter’s wedding. I saw one in Dalbeattie near Dumfries which worked in well as it meant we could visit our friends in Wigtown the night before.

We arrived just after 11am in plenty of time for the 12noon start.  I took my road bike so I could cycle round and give Katrina some support.  There were about 100 or so in the race.

It was a good course but very hilly and the weather was pretty warm and humid.

Profile of the route. The hill at 7 miles was tough!

Good course with great views

 Here are some photos of Katrina…

Before the start (note my bike in the background!)
After about 1 1/2 mile – looking good!

After about 4miles – looking a bit hotter!

At the top of the hill just after 10miles – working very hard!!
Katrina finishes in 1hr 49mins 14secs

Glad to be finished!

Katrina presented with her prize for finishing 1st Female Over 50!!

Smart trophy

Congratulations Katrina!  It was a tough half marathon in tough conditions so well done on pushing right to the end.  The lady who finished 2nd over 50 was less than 30secs behind her!

So a good weekend.  It’s Katrina’s turn to support me next but she won’t be using a bike!

I took a video of the start of the race ….

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1 Response to Photos of Katrina’s latest Half Marathon

  1. Awesome race Katrina, photo with the trophy is totally charming 🙂

    Now all John has to do match it by picking up the over 50's medal on the WHWR!

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