Pacing Plan for whw race

Today at lunch time I went for a very easy run.  It will be my penultimate run before Saturday’s whw race.  Just one more easy run on Wednesday and that’s me ready for the race.

I spent the run trying to work out whether my Suunto Ambit does record the distance short when it’s on 60s capture rather than 1s.  So I ran with my Garmin and Ambit.  For the first 3 miles the Ambit was on 60s and it recorded 2.78miles.

Then I ran for 2miles with it on 60s capture and it recorded 1.97miles so a lot closer to the Garmin.  One of the reasons I liked the Suunto was the idea of being able to have a 50hr battery life (not that I expect the whw to take that long!).

I asked IT guru Mike about what he is planning to do as he has an Ambit. He suggested a PowerGen Battery Pack so I ordered one and it arrived today.

It has 2 usb outputs so I could rechrage my iPhone at the same time! It will also be really useful when we go on holiday. But for the whw it means that I can have my Ambit on 60s capture and recharge it on the run.  I did this for the Garmin but it never quite worked.  I’ll have my Garmin as back up in case of problems.

Those who know me know that I like to have a plan!  Here is my sub 22hr overall plan ….

I also like to split up each section into mini-sections. So here is section 1 my plan for this year’s whw race.

I have one of these for each section.  I’m setting off with a sub 22hr plan which aims to get me to Auchtertyre in 11hrs.  If I gain 30mins by the time I reach there then I have a sub 21hr target to switch to. If I’m around 11hrs I’ll stick with my sub 22hr plan.

I don’t know whether this is any use to anyone else but if you would like to have a look at it and even change it to suit you then feel free.  If you change the numbers highlighted in blue then overall times and pace will automatically adjust.

John Kynaston’s whw plan in excel 

I love the fact that there are all sorts of ways of approaching this race.  Some runners will not even wear a watch and would hate to have such a detailed plan as mine.  But this suits me and I’m sticking with it!  The main problem I have is if I fall behind my plan but if that happens I just ditch the splits and my only aim is to finish as best I can.

I decided to use the weighing machine at Bellahouston today after my run to see what my numbers are before the race ….

I didn’t do one of these at the beginning of January which was a shame as it would have been a good comparison.  The first one I did was at the end of January and I was 11st 9lbs.  I’m sure it’s going to be a real help not having to carry as much weight.

I now have 47 guesses for my ‘Guess My Time’ competition.  I’ve been thinking for a while that I should have a little prize that I could give to the winners and I decided to get some key rings made.  They should arrive in a week or two.

So the winner of the competition will receive a special winners key ring!!  Plus any past winners who would like one can have one as well! You have until Friday to enter.

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