Last run in Malang

Last night Yonas and Emma had their Wedding Celebration in Malang for all their friends and family who couldn’t make it to Bali for the actual wedding service. We had a great evening and it was really good for us to meet many of Yonas and Emma’s friends.  It helps us to know more of how she lives here in Indonesia.

This morning I went for my last run in Malang.  I’m leaving here tomorrow as I’m visiting friends in Bandung on the way to Jakarta and home.  I worked out a different route on the bicycle yesterday.  This one went the other way from Yonas and Emma’s house.

It was a quieter road but there were still loads of motorbikes and scooters to avoid.  The route was basically 2miles uphill, 1 mile downhill then back the same way.  There was hardly any flat so either I was working hard uphill or running fast downhill!

It was a bit cooler at 6.50am when I ran so that was good. It is almost 4 weeks since the West Highland Way Race and I do feel that I have recovered well.  This holiday came at the right time giving me time to rest and recover.

I’m hoping to have one more run on Friday morning before I fly home on Friday night. The way back is an easier journey as I only have 3hrs in Doha rather than the 9hrs we had on the way out.  Katrina and Hollie are staying for another 3 weeks so I’ll be travelling home on my own.

When I get home at the weekend I’ll have 8 weeks to build up to my next ultra on 14th September.  I’m really looking forward to it as the Ultra Trails 100k course looks spectacular. I have a recce run planned with Gaynor on Monday 29th July after I’ve helped at the Lakeland 100.  I’m hoping to run the second half of the course.

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