Last run in Indonesia

Today is my last day in Indonesia. I fly out from Jarkarta at 00:10 tomorrow morning. I travelled to Bandung yesterday to visit Jon and Deborah and their two boys Ollie and Simeon. It has been really good to catch up with them.

We know Deborah from our time in Hebron, India. Deborah’s parents worked at Hebron with us. Deborah and her two sisters and brother spent lots of time with our girls when they little.  I took Deborah for her PE lessons and she still has nightmares about the cross country course!

This morning I went out for a run with Jon and the boys.  We started with a 0.5 mile loop for Simeon, then we did 1.65mile loop with Ollie. Then I had a run with Jon.  So in total I ran 7.39miles.

It was a lot easier running from their house as there is a pavement to run on and it wasn’t very hilly.  So a good final run on my trip to Indonesia.

My next run will be back in Paisley. From what I read it will be as hot as it has been here.  I’ve had a great time but looking forward to getting home. I’m looking forward to the next two weekends when I’m helping at the Lakeland 100 race, then supporting Ryan on his Devil o’ the Highlands race.

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