New run

During the school holidays I can’t work at my normal office as the school is closed. So I basing myself at a colleague’s school that is open during the holiday.  It’s good to have someone to chat to duirng the day and the school is a ‘new’ build so has a shower!

So I went for a run at lunch time. I had planned to do a run on the main roads but my colleague Alix suggested a better route which climbs up to a reservoir.  It was a quiet road and path so a good choice.

I ran an out and back but having downloaded the route on google maps I can see I can easily work out a circular route.  There was a fair bit of climbing involved which was good.

Tomorrow I’m driving down to Keswick after work to stay with Dave & Tracey.  Dave is taking me on a run which I’m looking forward to. Then Friday morning I’m heading to Coniston to help with the Lakeland 50/100 races.  It will be good to support the race and encourage those taking part.

There are a number of whw ‘family’ running including Debs, Sharon, Richie, Andy and Jon so I hope they all have a great race.  I’ll report back next week on how I got on.  I’ve been told to take some tissues as it can be quite emotional on the finish line welcoming runners home.

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  1. Done that route myself a few times, quite a good wee route. If you follow the path and go round the Balgray Reservoir you will end up on the road joining Aurs Road (to the left of your picture) from there you can complete a loop.

    I wouldn't advise running down the Aurs road between the Reservoir's though as it is quite tigh with no pavements and is a 60mph road.

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