Cricket and Athletics

I’m really enjoying watching the Athletics and Cricket at the moment … often at the same time! Athletics on the TV and Cricket on my iPad! 

I ran home from work today.  My legs were feeling it a bit so I tried to concentrate on running easy. I ran the 6.50miles at 8.09pace with a HR of 130 so that was a sensible run.

I arrived home in time to watch the evening session of the World Athletics. The highlight was Christine Ohuruogu’s 400m win. What an incredible race. Ohuruogu always finishes strong but I thought she might have left a little too much to do but she showed such strength of character to keep going and her dip at the end was all important.

Once that was over the cricket had my full attention and it was great to see England able to finish off the Aussies at the end of the 4th day.  What a superb performance from Stuart Broad taking 11 wickets in the game.

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1 Response to Cricket and Athletics

  1. Johann says:

    Oh yes! I'm doing the same! You'll be amazed at how many South Africans follow The Ashes very closely. The athletics have been super as well!

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