Recovery Run by Heart Rate

Since getting the Suunto Ambit which has a heart rate monitor I’ve really enjoyed looking at my heart rate after a run to see just how hard I’ve been working. But until today’s run I’ve not really paid much attention to it as I’ve run.

I wanted to make sure I had an easy recovery run after last night’s Ben Lomond run so I decided as I set off that I’d put the watch on the HR screen and really concentrate on keeping my heart rate around 130bpm.  I was interested to see what pace that would work out as.

So for the 6.18miles I kept looking at my watch and kept my heart rate around 130.  A few times I strayed higher and had to ease off a bit. The hardest part was when I was joined by another runner as I ran through Pollok Park.

We were going about the same pace and I would normally push on and go past but I was proud of myself that I stayed behind him and kept to my 130 bpm!

Here is the breakdown of each mile …

I found that really interesting as normally I’ve tended to run my easy/recovery runs well under 8 min per mile pace so that’s a good indicator that I should be running a bit slower on my recovery days.  It did feel easy which I suppose is the idea!

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