Wednesday night = Ben Lomond Run

Last night Jonny and I had another great run up Ben Lomond. The weather was very different to last week when it was such a lovely warm evening with amazing views all around.

This time the cloud base was low and we couldn’t see anything! Even though we got wet it wasn’t too cold and we ran in shirt sleeves.

I was keen to push the pace a bit this week so I led on the way up and Jonny led on the way down which played to each of our strengths.  I dragged Jonny up quicker than he would normally go and he certainly helped me to run faster on the way down.

That is the 3rd run we’ve done going up the Ptarmigan Ridge and I always find it helpful to keep a spreadsheet of the runs to compare and see how I’m doing …

So we were just over 7mins faster than last week.  We’ve decided that one week we should have a race from the start. I reckon I could be a few minutes ahead at the top but Jonny will catch me on the way down! We’ll see.

I’m really enjoying these Wednesday runs up Ben Lomond as they are really working my quads especially on the downhill run.

This morning I was up early to watch Laura Muir in the 800m heats. Laura is coached by my friend and work colleague Andy Young so I was really interested to see how she would do. With 100m to go she was in last place but stormed through to finish 3rd and qualify for the semi-final tomorrow. Superb!

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