Wet run on the Braes with Steven

This morning I was joined by my friend Steven H for the first of my two weekend runs on the Gleniffer Braes. The weather was wet throughout but not too cold.

We set off at 7am and ran just under 11miles. It was good to catch up with Steven as we’ve not seen each other since Steven appeared with his wife at the finish of the whw race.

We had a good steady run in the rain and wind and both felt comfortable with the 9.54 pace.  I ran with my NorthFace Enduro Pack as part of my plan to work out which pack to run with.  I think the main advantage of this pack is that it does stay really snug on my back but the downside of that is the waist band could push against my stomach but to be fair that’s not been an issue so far.

I feel my fitness is coming back after my holiday and things are looking good for the Ultimate Trails Race which is four weeks today.

I’ve been thinking a bit more about the race and what I’d like to aim for.  It’s difficult when you’ve not run the whole route and as it’s a new race there are no results to have a look at.  But I’ve decided to work on a 15hr plan as I think that is reasonable.

Anything under that would be a bonus.  The other thing is I’m not quite sure of some of the distances between checkpoints as my legs from my recce run don’t quite tally with the distances on the maps on the web site.

Anyway here is my provisional plan …

At least it gives me an rough plan to work on.  It will be interesting to compare how it looks with what I actually do!

Congratulations to all who ran in the British Ultra Fest 6day/48hr/24hr races which finished today.  Impressive result from William Sichel. 515.7miles in 6 days …. 2074 laps around a 400m track!

Great performances from Pauline Walker and Fiona Rennie in the 48hr race ….

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