Running on the Braes with Katrina

This morning I had planned 18miles up on the Braes which is two of my laps. I suggested to Katrina that she join me for the first lap which she was happy to do.  I thought it would be good for Katrina and also for me as it would meant I could run a steady first lap and then push a bit harder on the second one.

When we set off just after 7.30am the weather was bright and a lot better than yesterday’s run with Steven.  Katrina is just getting back into her running after her extented trip to Indonesia. I find it always takes a few weeks to get back to feeling I’m running well and Katrina is feeling the same.  Plus she has’s had one or two niggles this year that are still with her.

We had a great run and enjoyed chatting about various things including the race that is coming up. Katrina is running the 50k and I know she’s going to really enjoy it as the route is superb.  We discussed whether or not I might catch her!

The 100k starts at 6am and the 50k at 12noon.  If I’m going well and around my 15hr plan then I’m hoping to go through Patterdale in 6hrs 20mins or so which would be 20mins after Katrina has started the 50k race. 

If I give her 30mins start (if I keep to my 10mins stop at Patterdale) the big question is can I catch her over the next 50k??  It will be fun to try. 

Once we finished the first lap Katrina headed home and I went round again.  I was feeling good so pushed hard up the hill and around the loop.  It seemed to fly by and before I knew I’d completed the 2nd loop and was on my way back down.

I ran with my NorthFace Enduro Pack and I must say at this point I’m leaning towards using this one for the race. The biggest difference is the NorthFace has a stomach strap which keeps the pack tight on my back and takes some of the weight off the shoulders.

The UltrAspire pack is great but with the extra weight in the back it does bounce a bit and I think that will annoy me over several hours. 

Katrina and I have planned a 25miler next Sunday so I need to decide which pack to use on that run as I’d like to carry all the kit I need for the race on that long run.

Here are my splits for todays run …

I’m assuming my HR is correct for the second lap but I’m not sure as the last split was estimated as the data didn’t record. I have a feeling the battery might need replacing so I’ll do that before tomorrow’s run.

Church was a baptism service in a river near Kilmacolm today and wasn’t starting until 12noon which was good as it meant we had didn’t have to set off quite so early. It looked pretty cold for those in the river though.

Next week is going to be my biggest week training wise for a while. Here is the plan …

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