Races to follow this weekend

I went for an easy run at lunchtime today and was really happy with how my legs felt after our duel on the Ben last night.  Again I kept my heart rate below 130 averaging 127. I didn’t look at the pace at all and was quite surprised to see that I’d averaged 7.51 pace which was a fair bit quicker than last week with the same heart rate.

I was in touch with Jonny today via email and he was saying that he feels he wants to keep pushing hard as he’s in good shape but we both need to make sure we don’t over cook it as the priority is to get to the start line as refreshed and ready as possible.

After my run I did my monthly weigh in at Bellahouston Leisure Centre. 

I seem to be getting a little smaller!  I’m happy with my weight. I was 11st 2lbs before the whw and had put some on during our holiday but lost a bit again so all is good.

Over the weekend there are two races I’ll be following with interest.

1. Ring of Fire

Dave Troman is running this one and I’ve just had a chat with him as he waits to start tomorrow. He’s really looking forward to it and can’t wait to get going tomorrow. It is a multi-stage event …..

Dave was saying that the key thing on the first day is that you need to keep in mind you have a big day on Saturday and then another run on Sunday.  Hopefully Dave will be able to update his progress each night so I’m looking forward to seeing how he gets on.  Karl Zeiner is also running.

As an added bonus Prince William is the official starter! 


I enjoy following this event especially when we have a number of the whw family running.  The courses look amazing ..

The TDS has already been run and Steven Morrison had a great run. I got to know Steven when we supported Ryan at the recent Devil o’ the Highlands.  Well done Steven …

All the best to everyone taking part and I hope you all have a great race and achieve your goals.

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