Wedding Anniversary Run

28 years ago Katrina and I were married in Derby.  When we promised to live together ‘for better for worse’ neither of us anticipated that to celebrate we’d be off for a run on the Gleniffer Braes.

Steven joined us but Tracey had to cancel as she’s not feeling well.  We set off just after 7am and had a good solid run around our Braes circuit.  We spent the run chatting and enjoying the start of the day.  Tomorrow I’ll be back up on the Braes for 16miles and then after that it will be easy runs every other day until the race.

After a quick shower I was off to teach swimming for 4hrs. Back home now, listening to the Cardiff v Everton game on the radio (0-0) while following the UTMB on the computer.  My Mum is up from Liverpool for the weekend so Katrina and Laura have gone out for the afternoon. 

Katrina and I are having a night away next weekend to celebrate! We’d like to stay at the Beech Tree at Balmaha on Friday night so I hope they have some room!

Dave Troman had a good start on Day 1 of his Ring o Fire race around Anglesea.  He posted on facebook:-

Finished day 1 of Ring o Fire. Faster time than I planned (6:10 hrs) and faster than I should have ran. Problems with cramp which forced me to slow down over the last section. Live to fight again tomorrow, just. Going to take things VERY easy tomorrow – 65 miles. Don’t know position yet, I guess 11 or 12th

I’m sure he’ll be fine today and I look forward to hearing how his legs coped. There are no live updates so it’s hard to know what’s happening.

Following the UTMB is a lot easier as the live updates are superb. I’m following a number of friends and posting updates on Facebook.  Jez Bragg has finished in 10th place (11th overall as he was chicked!!).

Sadly Paul Giblin has had to pull out with injury. I hope the rest of the ‘whw family’ make it to the end especially Andy Cole who has had a couple of dnf’s and is very keen to collect his prize.

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